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Traffic Solutions Online Frequently Asked Questions  (for Employers)

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What is Traffic Solutions Online?

What can employers do with Traffic Solutions Online?

How does my company sign up?

How do I enroll my company in the Bike Challenge?



What is Traffic Solutions Online?

Traffic Solutions Online is our automated commuter matching system and one-stop shop for all Traffic Solutions Programs.

As a user, you can:

Find a carpool, vanpool, or commuter bus route that fits your commute

Register for the FREE Emergency Ride Home Program

Become eligible for Traffic Solutions incentives
Register for the Commute Challenge and other Traffic Solutions promotions

Become eligible for your employer's commuter benefits, if your employer is using the system

As an employer, you have access to a range of other functions, described below:

What can employers do with Traffic Solutions Online?

Create, administer, and view results of commuter surveys with a few clicks

View and track commuter behavior of all participating employees

Use the system to establish eligibility for your commuter benefits program

Display a custom logo and your company's Commuter Benefits information

Generate cost and emissions savings reports

Manage vanpool stops and schedules 

Generate raffle winners automatically for different promotions

Administer a Trip Rewards Program

All functionality listed above is free to employers within Santa Barbara County.


How does my company sign up?

If your company does not have an ETC (Employee Transportation Coordinator), you should first designate someone as an ETC. An ETC serves as a liaison to Traffic Solutions, and provides information to employees about biking, walking, transit, carpooling, and vanpooling. Basically, an ETC is the communication point between employees and Traffic Solutions. The ETC can be anyone that communicates with employees regularly, but is usually an HR Director, other HR staff, Executive Director, or CEO, depending on the size and organization of the company.

The ETC should create an account on Traffic Solutions Online. Once this is done, contact Lori La Riva, our Employer Programs Coordinator. You can be set up as an administrator at that point, and you will have access to the tools described above. Only Traffic Solutions staff can set you up as an administrator.

Bike Challenge

The Bike Challenge is a friendly competition with five-member teams making round-trips by bike instead of by car. Team members log each day they bike on their Commute Calendar. At the end of the competition, teams ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd... 50th earn fame and the money for their chosen programs - $25 to $500 depending on rank. Businesses can also compete for prizes and glory. The Bike Challenge is open to anyone who lives or works in Santa Barbara County, as well as local businesses. When registration opens in April, join a team or create a team.
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Traffic Solutions is a division of the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments

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