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Services for Employers

Think of Traffic Solutions staff as consultants (without the high-priced fees). We serve as a one-stop shop for commute information, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your Commuter Benefits program. Our services are free for all employers in Santa Barbara County.

We work with HR staff, executive directors, and CEOs to identify strategic solutions that work for your company and employees.

Learn more about the free services we provide:

Employee surveys

On-site services and literature

Professional Flex-work consulting

Automated commuter matching (carpool, vanpool, commuter bus)

Emergency Ride Home program

Regional transportation solutions 


Employee Surveys

We’ll work with you to conduct a thorough assessment of your employees’ commuting patterns, and determine your company’s needs. 

Based on the results, we’ll recommend solutions customized for your company—for example, transit options, pre-tax deductions, company supported vanpools, or other services. Then, we’ll work with you to implement the plan.

On-site Services and Literature

Traffic Solutions can participate in a work-site event to help launch your Commuter Benefits program. We can also provide:

  • Literature about our free programs

  • Transit schedules

  • Free bike maps

  • Traffic Solutions poster for your break room or a customizable poster for your company.

  • Brochures to include in new employee packets

  • Newsletter blurbs about our services, and more to support your Commuter Benefits programs

Professional FlexWork Consulting

FlexWork is a shortened term for Flexible Work Arrangements, which include telecommuting, alternative schedules, and flexible schedules. Several pilot FlexWork programs have been conducted in Santa Barbara County, and case studies have shown increased productivity, money savings, and retention of  valuable employees. Traffic Solutions has teamed up with the Telecommuting Advantage Group to provide professional FlexWork consulting to qualifying businesses. Find out more at the FlexWork Santa Barbara page.

Automated Commuter Matching

Traffic Solutions offers the easy-to-use, automated commuter matching system as part of Traffic Solutions Online. Many companies think they have to provide their own carpool matching for employees—but as of July 2007, Traffic Solutions has been offering automated commuter matching service, serving thousand of workers and residents of Santa Barbara County.

With one click, your employees can log on and find their personalized carpool matches, see vanpool routes, map their closest transit stops, and more. Employees can search for carpool matches just within the company, or expand their search to include others in their neighborhood. We even provide your company with a customized page, where an administrator at your company can upload your company logo, provide information to your employees about commuter benefits, and access information from all registered employees. 

It’s free, and we maintain the site. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Contact Traffic Solutions today to register your company. 

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Emergency Ride Home Program

It's great if your employees ride a bike, hop on the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, but what if someone has an emergency and needs to get home quickly?  We’ve thought of that, too. 

To provide peace of mind and as an added incentive, we offer free enrollment for all employees in our Emergency Ride Home program.  Emergency Ride Home will reimburse employees for a taxi or rental car up to $55.00 on the day of the emergency.  It’s just one more benefit you can offer employees who commute by a mode other than driving alone.

Regional Transportation Solutions

You don’t always have to drive—often, transit is an option.  We can provide information on regional transit for employees who are long-distance commuters. There are several commuter busses that serve Santa Barbara County, and if there is no bus, we can offer assistance and financial incentives to form a vanpool.

How Can We Offer These Services?  By providing free consulting, we help employers identify and encourage commute options for their employees. When people are aware of their commute options and have an incentive to try something different, they often find solutions in transit, ridesharing, or non-motorized transportation. More cars off the road not only translates into happier, healthier, more productive employees, but also helps Traffic Solutions meet its goal of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, and improving the quality of life for the whole community.


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