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What are Commuter Benefits?

Commuter Benefits are provided by an employer to support and incentivize employees. The best package to offer depends on your employees’ unique needs, but the package may include:

Pre-tax deductions for alternative transportation (transit, vanpool and bike commuters)

 Alternative/flexible schedules (9/80, 4/10)


Flexible work start/end times


 Extra vacation time for using alternative mode commutes


Regular raffles


 Ability to telecommute (part-time or full-time)


 Discounted or free transit passes


 Parking cash-out (choice of cash instead of free parking spot)


 Carpool or vanpool cash or cash-equivalent incentives


 Preferential carpool/vanpool parking


 Bike racks


 Secure bike parking (lockers, secured-access area)


Showers and clothes lockers


 Subsidy for non-motorized transport (walking shoes, bike maintenance, etc.)

Put yourself in the shoes of a commuter

Does your organization provide options? All employees get to work—but whether their commute is easy or difficult, inexpensive or costly, comfortable or frustrating, often depends on the options their employers offer. 

Unfortunately, the jobs-housing imbalance in Santa Barbara County forces many employees to live and work in separate communities. Offering commuter benefits allows you to recruit and retain the best talent for your organization, by increasing the size of your labor pool and easing the cost and stress of their commute.

Of course, many people see no alternative to driving. But with a little effort and imagination, you can help your employees make choices that benefit them, your company, and our beautiful community.  

Put yourself in the shoes of a long-distance Santa Barbara County commuter—which would you prefer?

COMPANY A: Our company offers flexible scheduling, including compressed workweeks (9/80 schedule with a 3-day weekend every 2 weeks) and part-time telecommuting; flexible work hours to assist with work-life balance; discounted company-supported vanpools, half-price transit passes for regional commuter coach busses, and your choice of cash in hand instead of a “free” parking spot.


COMPANY B: Our company offers inflexible work hours and no help with your commute.  Even though we are aware of the high cost of housing and the time and money you spend on your stressful commute, we feel that your how you get to work is your responsibility and not our concern. 


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