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Share a Van, Save a Bundle:      Pre-Tax Benefits  
Picture this: your driver picks you up every morning; you settle into a roomy, comfortable seat; you have extra time to read, snooze, visit or catch up on paperwork. Quite a way to start the day! You don't even have to worry about finding a parking space or the wear and tear on your car.

A vanpool is a group of seven to fifteen people who live more than twenty miles from work and commute together on a regular basis in a van. Some vanpools are company sponsored, others are rented month to month from vRide,  Enterprise Rideshare, or CalVans, and some are owned by the drivers.

vRide         Enterprise Rideshare          CalVans

Traffic Solutions can help commuters join or form a vanpool.  We can match you over the telephone with drivers and/or vendors of vans in your area, or help your company set up a vanpool program at the worksite. We'll work with your vanpool to plan schedules, routes, fares as well as handle any day-to-day questions.

There are already many vanpools on the road. A lot of vanpools are registered with Traffic Solutions Online and will show up on your list of commute options. Contact any of the vanpool coordinators below for more information about routes and seat availability: 

Santa Barbara County Vanpools - Open to the Public
Origin Destination  Name  Phone (805) Email Work Schedule Vacancies


Goleta Lompoc &
Casey H.   Email Casey 7:30AM-5PM 2 variable
Lompoc Goleta (Raytheon) Walter Schelvis   Email Walter 6:30AM-3PM $125
Lompoc Goleta (Medtronic)   963-7283 Email Lori 6AM-4:30PM
(6-3PM on Fri)
Orcutt Goleta Darrell H. 562-2496 Email Darrell 6:30 AM - 4:00  PM 2 $155
Santa Barbara Santa Maria Frank T.   Email Frank 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM 1 variable
Santa Maria Goleta Raul 562-4602 Email Raul 7:00 AM - 3:30PM 1 $160
Santa Maria Goleta Anna Limon 562-4606 Email Anna 6:30AM-3PM 1 $155
Santa Maria Downtown SB Patricia
260-4016 Email Patricia 8:00-5:00 2 $155
Santa Ynez Hwy 246/154 Parkíníride
Downtown SB, County Health, Sansum Cheryl C. 963-7283 Email Cheryl 8:00-5:00 0 $140
(or $8 for day riders)
Solvang Downtown SB Heather G.   Email Heather 7:30-4:30 2 $140
Ventura SB Cottage Hospital Lidia Rodriguez 569-7245 Email Lidia 7AM -3:30PM 0 $108
Ventura Goleta
Pedro Urbina 562-4262 or 4708 Email Pedro 6:00AM- 3:30PM 5 < $150
Ventura Gov't Center Santa Barbara County Health Complex Kimberely 681-5210 Email Kimberely 7:30AM - 5PM  5   < $145 (or $6 for day riders)

Common Vanpool Questions:

Q: Once I join a vanpool, what's my commitment?
A: Most vanpools operate on a month-to-month basis, and require a month's payment in advance. Passengers need to give the driver adequate notice before canceling. CalVans is one option that does not have a month commitment.

Q: What is my commitment if I lease a van?  Leasing a vanpool is more like a month to month rental agreement than a traditional car lease. You will be required to pay a monthly lease, but the money comes from vanpool fares, so you do not pay this money out of your own pocket. Usually, vanpool coordinators start a dedicated bank account and pay the monthly lease and gas costs out of that account. 

Q: What happens when the driver is ill? Or passengers? And what about vacations?
A: Each vanpool is created with back-up drivers for such times. Passengers may also sublet their seats to folks who want to give vanpooling a try for a week or so (while you are on vacation, for example).

Q: What are the driver's basic responsibilities?
A: Drivers must pick up and deliver the passengers, arrange for van maintenance (the leasing companies pay for maintenance), collect fares, and see that the gas tank is full. No special licenses are necessary, however a certification of good health is required.

$255 per month Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction

For 2016, the pre-tax payroll deduction for transit and vanpool riders is $255 per month. This means you can apply up to $255 a month toward your transit or vanpool costs - all tax free. As a transportation fringe benefit offered to transit and vanpool users [IRS Code section 1.132-9. See Publication 15-B], the funds can come as a cash reimbursement from employers, a pre-tax payroll deduction from an employee's salary, or a combination of the two.

Employers should visit our Employer Benefits page for more information on implementing a pre-tax program.

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